Other Projects

T.H. holding the first two novels in The Legacy Chronicle series.

What else is T.H. working on?

Retired (Working Title)

Carver, a former mercenary, has found himself a quiet, nameless village to live out his last years in. He dreams of learning to farm properly and being left alone, but an encounter with a local girl, determined to find her missing family, drags the reluctant former grunt back to the life he’s tried to leave behind. Currently in the first draft phase.

No Monsters (Working Title)

A collection of horror stories of varying topics and styles. A boy lives a challenging life with his father in a dangerous, but familiar, world. A group of college students head to an island off the Rhode Island coast to see the manor one has inherited from a long forgotten uncle. A young man from the States struggles to acclimate in Beijing, and other tales. Currently in the first draft phase.


Transferred out of Boston to Portland, ME during an economic downturn, detective Sam Richards is looking to unearth the roots of criminal organizations in the downtown area, but crosses paths with the reclusive and unstable legend of Portland’s back alleys, a solitary figure who paints his face known only as Dedmasque. When tragedy strikes the Portland Police Department, Richards has to turn to the would-be vigilante for guidance and support as they both try to redeem themselves for past misdeeds. Currently in the brainstorm and mapping phase.


Elk is one of many of the transient residents of the Eastern American megalopolis, where he bargains, bets, and pilfers his way through a hard life. When he lifts the wrong item off the wrong person he finds himself fleeing for his life, and inadvertently boarding a galaxy trekker, one of the massive relocation ships headed to far flung worlds. Once onboard, Elk has to quickly make himself useful and learn the ins and outs of the ship’s politics before he falls victim to one of the shadowy factions leading their voyage to who knows where. Currently in the brainstorm and mapping phase.

Author and Educator

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