The Legacy Chronicle

Explore the world of Teth-tenir in T.H. Paul’s debut novel and the sequel, currently available for purchase in both paperback and Kindle formats!

In The Sword, the first volume of his new fantasy series The Legacy Chronicle, T.H. Paul brings you into a vast world of gods and mortals. The story of The Sword follows the life of Trem Waterhound, a half-elven hermit who, against his own judgment, heals and befriends a wounded young man when he finds his unconscious body in the thick undergrowth of Silverleaf Forest. Together, Trem and his former patient, Jovanaleth, embark on a journey to find Jovan’s missing father. Along the way they become embroiled in a conflict that extends across the mortal world of Teth-tenir and even into the Godly Realms, and both are forced to confront their past in order to face an even more dangerous future.

I really enjoyed it, and I do think the second half was really, really strong.

Kitty G’s 2017 review video of The Sword

Artwork from Sarah Fensore

See more of Sarah’s work at her personal website.

Audio Book

Yes, an audio book is coming! You can hear a preview of the work from Zach Aguilar and his team here!


You can also watch T.H. read his work on his YouTube channel.

For the still in progress reading of his second novel, The Shield, go here.

Author and Educator

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