Welcome to the Website!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been radio silent for a while, but that’s largely been due to the intensity of teaching during the 2020 COVID pandemic. I had thought, rather foolishly it seems now, that the lockdown and subsequent regulations would give me more time to write and finish the third book in The Legacy Chronicle before the winter.

I forgot I had a two year old at home. And no child care. And a regular day job.

But, here we are, with the other big project I wanted to get off the ground in 2020, an actual website. So, from this point forward, all of the major content for The Legacy Chronicle and my other projects will live here. The Facebook page will remain up, at least for a while, but ultimately the intention is to migrate to a standalone website, store, and content hub.

For now, the web store functionally won’t let you make purchases straight from it, but that’s something I hope to have sorted out soon. You can always email me directly to place orders with PayPal, Venmo, or by mailing a check. All the information is on the Contact T.H. page, and you can reach out if you want to know about shirt sizes or other details.

Additionally, you can still purchase the books from Amazon. More excitingly, we will be offering audio books with professional voice work really soon! Zach Aguilar has built a nice little team of voice actors and is working to record the prologue from The Sword as I type this. Right now the plan is to release that finished product on this website for free, though there is a preview of it on The Legacy Chronicle tab right now if you are interested. Once we have recorded a good chunk of the book, it will be available for purchase on Audible. The plan is to offer it in sections, say 5-10 chapters at a time, and then as a complete novel at a slight discount from buying it section by section. All of this could change, but the bottom line is yes, we really will have an audio book of the series!

And finally, yes, book three of The Legacy Chronicle is coming. I have to have some substantial content meetings with Wes to hash out a number of alterations it needs and Shane is working on a larger, two-page map for the third book, but it is coming. Please, if you have questions, send them along! There is the About page where those can be left right on the site and as mentioned above you can also email me or find me on Twitter under @LegacyChronicle.

So, welcome to the new site and thank you for your continued support!


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