June 20th, 2021

Here’s where we stand.

The main text of the book is completed. I need to do a brief look through for consistencies in capitalization and italics, but it’s done.

As is my practice, I’m going to include an updated glossary of factions and characters. This book will also have a condensed timeline of world events. As the scope of the story now begins to reference past instances of historical importance, having a rough representation of time passing from each is useful.

Also per usual, there will be appendices on background details that are part of the lore, but aren’t included as exposition dumps in the text itself. That is so readers can decide how much they want to dig through the fictional histories and cultures without it clogging up the story itself. There may be only two appendices in The Steed, instead of the three I had in the previous two books: The Lost Elves of Haddon Mirk and The Empire of the Lion.

If I do include a third lore topic, I’ll update the blog when I pick one. Because we’re in the process of moving, it may take me until the 4th to complete these additions to the final draft.

Thanks for reading and your patience.


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