August 6th, 2021

The book is done and has been handed off to Shane for formatting and insertion of art and images. Cover design is also underway. I will update when I get a clearer timetable of publication, but recall I do need to get a proof copy and review it before making the book available on Amazon and other retailers.

As always, I will sell books directly to readers and ship them to you for $25 each (that includes the shipping). If you buy two, that drops to $45, and when the third is available, I will sell all three together for $65.

Once I begin attending conventions and other events in person, the pricing there will remain $20 for one, $35 for two, and $50 for three books. It’s cheaper to get them in person if you can, and I love seeing people!

I am diving into a brief (I promise) new writing project: an anthology of horror stories that will also be available on Amazon and at events. I don’t have a publication date in mind yet, but it will come out quicker than the Legacy Chronicle books do. I will be starting work on book four soon, too, so don’t fret.


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