Resvisions: Part III

Oh hey! It’s updates and changes I can’t talk about because spoilers!

But yes, more got done today. And I have a path to what happens tomorrow and afterwards. Some of these adjustments are going to be a bit ambiguous. For example, there needs to be enough reminding of who characters are and what they look like without making it so repetitive and boring for the reader. But, of course, there are so many characters! Where to add the details? Where to keep them thin and simple?

The book will have a glossary like the last two, probably expanded. I heard a lot of positive feedback about that and how it helped readers, so it will continue to show up in later books and newer editions of the old ones.

I am extremely close to the point where I think a through read-through of the book with Molly will benefit me a lot. We have already started it, but the later part of the story needed a bunch of alterations. Now that those feel like they are in a strong enough place, I need her ears and ideas on it.

Hopefully you and yours had a great holiday. I’m going back to the grind now.


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